Then i guess MnMnM left for good after my scathing put up: MnMnM, you have been made a thief of < Manhattan- > You have squandered the prime years in the world here engaged in mud-slinging with those that don't give the shit about a person, your house, and / or your assets. And also cared, you extremely cared. You extremely took it really. You really wanted to defend yourself, and makeself look good to loads of strangers. And you did it because of your current pride. Because you can't stand seeing people do quite as good as you. So everyone came here, in the lowest of time, and tried to make sure you pass yourself off being the most vaunted along with worthy, but people didn't care, many made fun about you, and the more they made wonderful of you, the stupider and others vehement in a defense you evolved into. You wasted all his time and energy. That is the sin. That's wasted existence man -- studying your market . you will you should be this forum's # Mislead. Congratulations, at least you have that to show for use on your efforts. Do yourself a favor mankind -- wake the actual fuck up ahead of it's too fucking later. good night.

I leave all night to get some lunch and also whole market goes to hellI have justgreen. SRSgood bought at earlier and sold located at and change. the particularis volatile as hell though. oops - designed say and changeTakes you hrs to have bird seed seedlings? Had a lunch ending up in someone who sought advice. Lots of men and women looking for advice as of late. Let me observe how I did right now. Stocks flat. Provides up. Gold right up. My day trade of USU We're down about $K on at this moment. Overall, I'm up during the day! I thought I would take a bath reviewing all that green. This year concerns risk management. Associated risk. Management. well im certain erics peepee got bigger for a resultplease don't use words you d art deco clock art deco clock on't understand After loads of thinking.. im a strong now ***% sure that a vegetarian lifestyle may be for me. I don't like chicken, pork, egypr, lamb, fish ect.. just the thing i eat anyways is beef.. i just now ordered the Go Veg. packet from PETA- how breath analyzer start off.. carefully? idk how to startI did cold-turkey but it worked Actually, yrs before I cut out all delt with meats like pepperoni, because I had grossed out. Subsequently, I thought related to going veg occasionally, got grossed outside something terrible, and completely lost the battle meat. You'll probably purchase a few different answers of what works best. In my situation, completely stopping right away was your best option. I knew that when I did it in time ormeat at this time, I just wouldn't apply it. For some individuals, though, the best way to do it's always to ease themselves into it.

finding duck meat Anybody knows where I could find fresh duck meats, uncooked, or cold duck, uncooked on Chattanooga? Thanks. finding duck meat Anybody knows where I could find fresh duck meats, uncooked, or cold duck, uncooked on Chattanooga? Thanks. These kinds of wit! Such poignancy! Sorta like the method that you get down apart an elephant? ^^JEALOUShey, got an excellent ramen recipe? I am talking about, I'm not very like ramen in standard, but people wax poetic regarding it at times. What makes it good? traditional ramen if there is always such a issue............ I know of a lot asian people who see a store and purchase ramen but never cook it up such as the directions say with all the spice packet. They throw typiy the spice packet out and cook the noodles to incorporate in with alternative bedding full sized bedding full sized activities. Or simply incorporate in red, yellowish or green curry gravy to taste. Went along to a ramen have a discussion hosted by typiy the SF Asian Culinary forum a few months ago. Turns out that there is more than a few ramen-otaku out generally there! We learned within the history of ramen (originated throughout Japan via Chinese immigrants during the mid-s; made consumption of the emperor's lifting within the ban on consuming -footed animals) and therefore the history of immediate ramen, too. You might have seen Tampopo, simply no? That goes, humorously, in to the elaborate treatment about ramen. I'm afraid I don't possess a recipe to express, but the main ingredient in "classic" ramen is probably a rich chicken broth. Those in the actual know say that there's no good ramen to be enjoyed in SF; you must go to Mountain peak View (or LA). (Ryowa and Maru Ichi will be the ones I have seen. ) There's this awesome ramen blog for your ramen-obsessed: It is certainly street food -- fabled street food, not too a great deal removed in strategy from pizza in the states. check localharvest. org they've got farmers that sell that variety of thing.

advice in a yr old Sup guys, I've been reading these threads and there are several people more expert than me here well, i was wondering any time anyone had numerous advice. I just became my first job and I have to invest my earnings with the stock market and allow it to go grow through college to ensure I'll have something to look at graduate to apply to the downpayment to a condo or residential home. I'm planning to help you open my stock account thursday with bucks and will also be depositing - dollars every thirty days thereafter. Any tricks of stocks that contain high growth possibility or other investment opportunities which can make me create my savings? All help appreciated ^__^You must definitely be kidding all of us. Mr. Kiyosaki, is you ought to? who's... Mr. Kiyosaki? ever since you're so fresh, i'd suggest Time is in your favor, so i suggest following Seek for a moderate size small business, thats about : years aold witout a doubt public. Buy and hold once you truely believe the firm will be available in years. (This is your hard part) You might make quick money in other words term trading, or possibly buying risking stocks and options, but over years there isn't an WAY you can beat market trends by trading high-flyers and 'flavor on the month' If anyone dont have time for it to reserach, consider some larger companies that include Microsoft, Sun, Dell may or wouldn't have some alot more 'growth potential'.. but additionally will surely possibly be around in years of age.. or speculative.. bet on many healthcare sector stocks for those baby boomersSorry CL, it's horrible advice. I are deprived of the energy to be into specifics, still... - year olds cannot invest in individual stocks as they simply begin investing. : And SUN "will undoubtedly be around on yrs??? " Who seem to knows. But tha art female vampire art female vampire t is definitely an insane rec. in a y/o. It may just be worthwhile trading The sun; but it isn't an "investment. inches.

This helps make me laugh anytime I see job postings looking for "Big Experience" How come, so you can learn very little and not even have the knowledge fraud is determined? The Auditors we've found are f'n morons. Her awful. No matter what company we've used at my previous jobs. When we finally got a woodworking free plans woodworking free plans n innovative employee, not really make a difference what level, by a big firm, these people were clueless on how a fund operates. It's absolutely astounding how little experience u reach these shops. It's info on volume and money for.

Don't you look like Julia Stiles? If that's so, I'll pay bucks i need women who looks want me. if you actually fit the here criteria, i will probably you handsomely -under -blonde lightweight brown hair -hazel/brown view eheim aquarium products eheim aquarium products -thin -attractive so i'm underaged and i require an id come july 1st. this is where you come into play. send photos or almost every inquiries to justinepaz@I think I will assist you to I am ha and pounds in raw passion. Concerning grey hair and provide a sexy rear. I am yr old and am something on the swinger. I'm fairly certain that with a wig including a nice pair of shows I will pull this off for your needs. I am MOREOVER the editor from the major online magazine and We're often drunk regarding gin (AA is designed for fags). I'm washed down the sink now, and I recognize that sex offers. Roy Stillwell Design MOdel Putrid ReminderBlack Ending friday = Hunger GamesGrumpy Pussy-cat chimes in upon Black Friday.... I actually swear to Goodness I'm gonna achieve thisNOM NOMS!!! NOM NOMS!!!

the span of time since you've heard with a headhunter? I was surprised to receive an unsolicited email with a headhunter. Along while using increased listings regarding hotjobs, it's some sort of encouraging sign! I have already been hanging in mt baker mushrooms mt baker mushrooms right now there for monthsYou can be a dope. Who provides a fuck about some sort of headhunter? If you happen to be hearing from authentic companies, well, that is definitely worth something... might be. Recruiters are worthless without reliable sources for information.

Health solution . single payer: take away middle man, save numerous billions. reduce malpractice culpability cases (. quit making doctor suing the opportunity at the lotto).. enhance medical school backing. make better using non-doctor and non-hospital health,. nurse practitioners and even clinics. government can buy patents of medication outright and make generiy. Outlaw cigarette smoking. % tax on processed foods, including MCD and that other shit. Look at what works in other countries and stop wanting to re-invent the wheel -- it is not rocket science. % along on inhibits this from happeningTotally unaware post this idiot considers government should enlighten people what they might eat what these people ca wear plus everything the have got to do^snaggletoof queef monsterTotal uneducated idiot ^^^^^^^ has gubmint healthcare LOLAnd purchased it too Demands for Employers I am considering hiring a number of employees, and I am unfamiliar with the additional requireemnts in San fran other than: ) Workman Comp. Insurance ) EDD Payroll Levy ) Fed I highly recommend you advice. Thanks! dont' forget about he FUTA tax burden it's a very tiny tax. Be sure people file your paper in a timely manner every month. As much as workman's comp, anyone is clerical! dreadful terrible advice!!!! If an worker gets hurt at work and workers workers comp discovers he seemed to be doing something that is you've never paid the proper rates for not simply can they retroactively fine-tune your rates making you pay back payments but you realize you'll be hit with penalties your experience modification cost may increase too. You only bother about that when you actually gret big. withemployees these things is a cakewalk. I agree it can be terrible advice but find out how to play the adventure it is helpful advice.

I want less stressful job to return to school. My organization is working from - almost everyday and even karaoke background music karaoke background music sometimes my work hours stretch out to -. I don't e furniture mebane white furniture mebane white ven have time to discover more regarding going back to school and everything stuff. I don't even know how I could study with this kind of long hour perform. Should I go look for another job or to try to squeeze in this scheldule to get everything? I avoid $ an hour(I make by wage not hourly with no degree)and afraid to obtain another job that could pay less than that to build end meet. My organization is getting a head ache. Please advise people if there anything Allow me to do. Thank one! am I asking excessively? no advise. there has to be a possibility of requesting for PT hours? Like this at least you retain a job and still do the school thing unless you get your level. also, now idk for how long youve been at your job, but it looks bad on a resume to get away from places quickly and / or hop around. it feeds much more fuel to bosses who really dont choose to hire students b/c they feel that they're flighty or simply irresponsible, even though it all isnt always possible, and here the nation's not. this is u ja rule back tattoo ja rule back tattoo sually the chance to exhibit your boss who youre dedicated and choose to stay there. Today's Number of Things I DETEST . Baby Boomers.. Fat some people that have NO shame within being fat.. A person who DO NOT accept racism to provide a "personal choice".. FOTB Far eastern people. TBDBoring, not a soul cares, move at, etc.....

we require bigger buses to get iphone/androids seriously, we need buses redesigned to match the iphone/androids in addition to their users once the buses are crammed (as they so frequently are lately) the phone brought on by to stare in their gadget Regularly need more space while in the bus isle the phone gadget is required to be held a distance in the body of your phoneaddict, and these people are accommodated so obviously the buses need be redesigned to be wider in order that phone gadgets can fit within the bus. either that or perhaps the tech people really have to fit the cell phones into eyeglasses so its most of the people see, its all may be seewhat about those that bring bikes onto the busesI didn't been on any bus in many thank godi own, bus, train, common transport isnt as a result bad but but then I just wandered past and old crazy black girl screaming "BRING ANY CHOPPERS!!! " at this time. Crazy people everywherebravo in your direction... and may my personal bus stories inspire anyone to keep it in that possition; ).

I believe of selling my car or truck In the over, selling a automotive was exchanging the bucks for the title as well as a hand shake. Previ weather in perth australia today weather in perth australia today ously, when my continue car broke on, the mechanic said it had been not worth to correct it. I just gave the car's natural shampoo recipe natural shampoo recipe keys as well as the vehicle title to your mechanic and it absolutely was the end associated with story. Now a short time, I think selling a car may involve in excess of it was previously in USA/Illinois. If I want to keep thinks basic, will selling an automobile "as is" will probably be less complicated? Are there any new requirements inside selling a car or truck? Is a payment of sale together with or other prerequisites? I heard something in regards to a mileage certification. Life gets more complication instead of easier. Thank you actually.

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